Keystone Sportsmen Association Cold Steel #1, 12/20/2015

Match Name:KSA Cold Steel Winter League Match I
Match Date:12/20/2015
Club ID:Keystone Sportsmen Association
Last Score:21:31 12/21/2015

Overall Combined    RFPIRFPO RFROSingle Stack Revolver LimitedProductionTACT Open
P1: Smoke & Hope (SC-103)ReviewCombined    RFPIRFPO RFROSingle Stack Revolver LimitedProductionTACT Open
P2: Showdown (SC-102)ReviewCombined    RFPIRFPO RFROSingle Stack Revolver LimitedProductionTACT Open
P3: Roundabout (SC-108)ReviewCombined    RFPIRFPO RFROSingle Stack Revolver LimitedProductionTACT Open
P4: Derek's DragonReviewCombined    RFPIRFPO RFROSingle Stack Revolver LimitedProductionTACT Open
Class Leaders Combined    RFPIRFPO RFROSingle Stack Revolver LimitedProductionTACT Open
Category Leaders Combined    RFPIRFPO  Single Stack Revolver  Production  Open
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Notes:  Thanks for the awesome turnout. See you in January of 2016. Happy Holidays.