KSA Sunday Steel

Match Name:KSA SCSA June 14, 2015
Match Date:6/14/2015
Last Score:16:41 6/16/2015

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Accelerator (SC-105)ReviewCombinedISPISR Single StackRFPIRFPO
Pendulum (SC-106)ReviewCombinedISPISR Single StackRFPIRFPO
Five To Go (SC-101)ReviewCombinedISPISR Single StackRFPIRFPO
Not So Roundabout (Loreman's Folly)ReviewCombinedISPISR Single StackRFPIRFPO
Class Leaders CombinedISPISR Single StackRFPI 
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Notes:  Thanks to all. The shooters making our first SCSA match a great success. We'll work on eliminating the kinks and hope to see you July 19 for our "Freedom Rings! with Steel" match.