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2016 Tactical Multi-Gun

Tactical Multi-Gun is for those individuals who would like to put their skills against those of their peers with the use of more than one firearm. Course of fire will place you inside a dynamic environment that will push the limits of your physical and mental capabilities. You will be faced with solving difficult problems as your primary gun goes down in the middle of the stage. The Safety Officers are here to help you through those difficult and stressful situations. Come out and learn how to use your equipment and gear within a safe environment.


Event Date Shoot Information
January no shoot      
February no shoot      
March No Shoot      
April No Shoot      
May No Shoot      
June No Shoot      
July 30, 2016 Tactical Multi-Gun (TENTATIVE)      
August No Shoot      
September No Shoot      
October No Shoot      
November No Shoot      
December No Shoot